About Us

About Us


Your order is our commitment, thank you sincerely

www.GoodOFood.com offers high-quality ethnic grocery and household items at VERY competitive price which will not only make you want to buy from us but also stay with us as a regular customer. All this delivered safely to your door. 

The founders are passionate about providing and promoting products that encourage cooking and healthy lifestyle. We are also committed to offering first class customer service whilst maintaining a competitive price point. We do this by supplier selection and robust supply chain. Having said all this, we are a start-up and fine-tuning the process and making changes every step of the way as we learn from the feedback of our customers.

We offer more than 1800 products at this moment and consistently add more products based on the continuous feedback that we receive from our wonderful customers.


At GoodOFood we tirelessly work to offer an affordable, convenient and a sustainable way to purchase your favourite food, ingredients and household items whilst maintaining impeccable customer service standards. We do this by mastering the various processes from procurement to the last mile delivery and through our people, working effectively. We pride ourselves in promoting cooking and healthy eating through our various products and services for the betterment of the society at large.


Be the market leader in the online retail of ethnic grocery. Make a positive impact on the community through its offerings and build a healthy future generation.


We are very Mindful of our actions and its impact on all our stakeholders. We are fair and straightforward in our dealings with customers, employees and suppliers and encourage mutual respect between all parties. We are open and honest in our business and provide clear information on our offering. We value the society and endeavour to make a positive influence.

We thrive on Innovation by welcoming the challenges and managing them efficiently. We deliver the highest quality service to our customers. We not only do things right but also do the right thing to ensure everyone benefits from the company's growth.  
We are a Notable organisation in many aspects. We nurture our staff, empower them and ensure professionalism and respectability across the organisation. We take pride in what we do and do not shy away from our responsibilities and our commitment to the society.  
We are a Dynamic learning organisation that embraces change and appreciates the need to be adaptable to the market trends. We recognise changes to our customer’s needs and work towards delivering them efficiently. We engender innovation and consistently look for new ways of doing things.