Benefits of Shopping Grocery Online - GoodOFood perspective

Benefits of Shopping Grocery Online - GoodOFood perspective Easy & Quick Yummy Recipes
Benefits of Shopping Grocery Online - GoodOFood perspective

Online shopping?

Something many say is the future of shopping. It is not confined to specific industries like electronics but also includes groceries, fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. is proud to be one of the early entrants to the online shopping market, specialising in Indian groceries, fruits, vegetables and meat. We thought long and hard before entering this industry, but we believe that our customers will get a whole host of benefits from purchasing online.

What are the core benefits?

#For a start, it is convenient. You can purchase whenever and wherever and you are not restricted to store opening times.

#You can ask us questions through a variety of means (instant chat, email or phone) and get it clarified in no time.

# Take a look at what our existing customers had to say about our service at TrustPilotNote that only customers who have purchased with us can write reviews (shown as Verified Customer on the TrustPilot's website). We do this to ensure the reviews are genuine.

#Finally, it is hugely time saving. We acknowledge that for your first purchase things may seem hard as you need to set up an account etc. but trust us once you are registered things will be much smoother. You will realise the enormous amount of time you save by not being stuck in traffic, finding parking and by beating the queue/crowd in the store. When ordering online through us, we deliver to your door and all you need to do is just unpack. The time saved could be spent with your family and pursuing your hobbies/interests.

Not missing the Special Offers

We keep our offers page regularly updated to ensure that there are competitive offers all the time, Click HerePurchasing online will mean you can look for the offers in one place unlike a store where you need to go around aisles and search for it. In future, we are also looking to notify you directly when the offer page is updated.

Cutting down unnecessary spend

Research shows that promotions and offers in stores are set up to enable impulse buys. Often, the customer finds out later that the item bought is not actually of value/use. On average, a British household spends over £200 on unnecessary buys every year (source: National Employment Savings Trust, UK). We believe with us you are only likely to purchase what is needed at the time. We do not up-sell any of our products and our check-out process is simple and safe.

Offline journey (driving to a store for grocery purchase)

Online journey (Place the order from anywhere at home/on the go)

In summary, you need to experience the online journey at least once if not already.

Why wait? Please order with us and see for yourself the benefit of online shopping and exceptional customer service.