Paneer Capsicum Sabzi

Paneer Capsicum Sabzi Easy & Quick Yummy Recipes
Paneer Capsicum Sabzi


Sarala Ravindran  from Sarala's Kitchen  

List of Ingredients:

  1. Paneer (farmer's cheese/curd cheese) 200gm, (if it's purchased from a store then soak in warm water for 10 minutes to soften)
  2. Capsicum - 2 medium sized (Add to Cart)   
  3. Onion - 3 medium sized (2 finely chopped and 1 chopped in quarters and peel individually) (Add to Cart)   
  4. Kasoori Methi-1/2tsp (Add to Cart) 

To Grind:

  1. Tomatoes - 2 medium sized ( Add to Cart )  
  2. Cashew Nuts - 5 Nos (optional) (Add to Cart)  
  3. 1 tbsp Chilli Powder adjust to suit your tongue. (Add to Cart)  
  4. 1 1/2 tbsp Coriander Powder. (Add to Cart)  
  5. 1/2 tbsp Ginger Garlic Paste. (Add to Cart)  

To Season:

  1. Cinnamon Stick 1-inch size. (Add to Cart)    
  2. Bay Leaves - 2. (Add to Cart)    
  3. Fennel Seeds - 1 tsp. (Add to Cart)    
  4. Cardamom - 2. (Add to Cart)    
  5. Cloves - 3. (Add to Cart)    
  6. Ajwain seeds(Carom, Omam in Tamil)-1tsp (optional). Added usually to help with digestion. (Add to Cart)    


  1. Cut the paneer in small cubes and slice the capsicum into 1-inch sizes.
  2. Get the ground paste ready (usually with a mixture grinder)
  3. Add oil. Butter if desired.
  4. Add the items for seasoning.
  5. Add the finely chopped onion. Wait until it wilts. Cover it up for few minutes until the edges turn brown.
  6. Add the ground paste. Wash the mixer grinder with 50mls of water and add to it. Oil starts oozing after five minutes.
  7. Add the capsicum and cook for five to seven minutes with lid covered, as it cooks faster.
  8. Add salt according to your taste.
  9. Once capsicum is half cooked add in the paneer and saute for five minutes. Add the big sized onion peels.
  10. Add 1/2 tsp of kasoori methi. Stir in for two to three minutes. Once you get your desired consistency, switch off the stove. The dish is ready.
  11. Can garnish with chopped fresh coriander leaves.
  12. Goes well with Chapati/Roti/Peas pulao/Jeera pulao

Preparation Time: 15 mins

Cooking Time: 20 mins 

Number of Servings: 4 

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