Asali Ponni Boiled Rice 10kg
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Asali Ponni Boiled Rice 10kg



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Embark on a journey of culinary excellence with Asali Ponni Boiled Rice, a time-honored choice for those who appreciate the artistry of authentic flavors. Carefully processed to perfection, this rice variety is cherished for its lustrous, medium-sized grains and the exceptional aroma it imparts to your favorite dishes.

Sourced from the finest paddy fields, Asali Ponni Boiled Rice undergoes a meticulous boiling process that ensures the grains retain their natural goodness and distinct taste. Whether you're crafting a classic South Indian meal or experimenting with global cuisines, this rice promises a delightful experience on your plate.

Known for its versatility, Asali Ponni Boiled Rice cooks up fluffy and separate, making it an ideal companion for a wide array of recipes – from aromatic biryanis to comforting daily staples. Elevate your culinary creations with the superior quality and authentic taste that Asali Ponni Boiled Rice brings to your kitchen.

Experience the richness of tradition with every bite. Choose Asali Ponni Boiled Rice and let your culinary adventures unfold.

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Brand : Asali
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Asali Ponni Boiled Rice 10kg



Typical South Indian rice. Tastes very good.


Today tried Asali rice.. liked it..

Malarvizhi V

Excellent Ponni Rice Variety and is the best when compared to all the brands available in the UK. The rice turns out fluffy and small after cooked. It is the actual south indian ponni rice and Hopes to get the same quality of Rice in the future.


Excellent Ponni Rice and is the best so far when compared to all the brands available in the UK market. This is the actual ponni and it turns out fluffy and small after cooked. Hope to get the same quality of this brand in the future.


The rice quality is very good . Package is and received In very good condition. Thanks goodofood


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